Today : 2019.12.12
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Scholarships & Travel Grants & Awards

We are pleased to announce that the ICMRI2018 Organizing Committee will offer scholarships & travel grants to overseas participants.
We encourage you to apply for the Scholarships or Travel Grants and win the prize!

ICMRI 2018 Scholarships Travel Grants
Eligibility Overseas presenters of accepted abstracts Overseas participants
* Applying for both the Scholarship and Travel Grant at the same time is not permitted.
Prize USD 500 USD 200
Number of winners 60 4
Application Please upload all required documents to the ICMRI 2018 abstract submission page.
Please send all required materials below to the secretariat at
  1. 1. Application Form: Application Form: State reason or need and qualifications for the award (Download the form HERE)
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae: Not exceeding 3 pages (A4)
  3. 3. Letter of Recommendation: From the applicant’s training supervisor, program director or department chairperson, including a statement that the candidate is studying magnetic resonance in the medical field
  4. 4. Copy of Passport
February 21, 2018 February 21, 2018
Notification February 23, 2018

Travel Grants for foreign participants affiliated to Korean universities or hospitals

If you are a foreign participants affiliated to Korean universities or hospitals (Student, Physician, PhD), please apply for this special travel grant and win a prize!

Before paying for registration, please contact the secretariat in advance.

  • 1. For overseas credit cards, choose your country, not “Korea.”
  • 2. For Korean credit cards, choose “Korea.”
  • 3. For transfers, choose “Korea.”
  • 4. For group registration, choose “Korea.”
Please contact the secretariat in advance!

Eligibility Travel Grants for foreign participants affiliated to Korean universities or hospitals
Categories If your university or hospital is located in If you are a participant of the accepted abstract Prize
1) Seoul or Gyeonggi-do Province or Incheon Metropolitan City 1-1) Yes Registration fee refund
1-2) No Registration fee refund
2) Other regions not listed above 2-1) Yes Registration fee refund + KRW 100,000
2-2) No Registration fee refund + KRW 50,000
Required Documents Copy of passport and student ID card/proof of employment
Application Please send the required materials to the secretariat at
Application Deadline February 28, 2018

Best Scientific Awards

Awarded to primary authors of selected scientific orals or posters based on peer review of the scientific content of their presentations

Grade Best Oral Presentation Awards Best Poster Presentation Awards
1st USD 200 (KRW 200,000), 2 winners USD 200 (KRW 200,000), 2 winners
2nd USD 100 (KRW 100,000), 7 winners USD 100 (KRW 100,000), 7 winners